Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup download for android

By | August 15, 2018

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup app is a tool that will allow us to create a small safe inside our Android phone. In which to put our text messages, photographs or videos more private.

Today we all have our private lives compressed into our mobile phones. And this can be a problem. Especially if that private life reaches the eyes of those, who should not. To prevent this, Vault-Hide app offers the possibility to introduce any tricky items inside and protect it with a password that only we should know.

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Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup download

What we can introduce in the different safes of the application goes from photographs or videos. That is very typical. The whole Facebook contacts or our phone list. By entering any of these, we will hide not only your presence but also any conversation or call with them.

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Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup download for android
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How does it work?

At first, download the app from here. Install it on your smartphone. The file size varied with the device. The app also supports all operating systems. After downloading, install the app and run it to your device.

In the main screen, inset pin or password and set up an email for recovery. The next screen chooses which file you want to hide in the vault. You can back up all files in Cloud or drive for transferring in the new phone.

The Vault app allows you to encrypt and save credit card numbers, ID, Facebook, and Gmail IDs, photos, files, and notes, being able to synchronize with Dropbox or Google Drive.

Contacts, logs, and SMS can be hidden within the vault app. You can call or text message with keeping security. So that, nobody sees your calls and messages.

The call reminder feature of the vault shows you who is calling. As like as true caller which shows the name of the caller. So that, it can be easy to find is the call or text spam or not.

With the vault, you also lock applications and games. Keep your application on vault and stop hacking data. It has the private browser. With the browser, anyone can browse the internet anonymously. As a result, nobody found browsing history. The Vault app protects the browser.

Stealth mode

The stealth mode of the app is amazing. The feature can hide app icon and files that nobody knows it exists. It would take the pictures if anyone tried 3 times or more with wrong password or pin. You can easily catch the person who wanted to save your data.

The only way to access that number will be to open Vault (with the corresponding pin) and access the list of hidden contacts. For the photos and videos, the procedure is the same. Also has a cloud account in case we are interested and a security system. In case someone tries to access the application because if a wrong pin is inserted, it will remove a photo (if you have a front camera).

The most interesting part of this app is that we can hide it from the application menu itself. So that, nobody will know that we are using that app to hide something.

How do we access it?

In the mode, you enter app by dialing #password# from dial menu. If the dial menu is not working, download NQ calculator and input #password#. Then tap = sign in the calculator.

Sometimes, the app is not working correctly. After lock apps and files, it shows the app unlocked and photos, videos are shown in the gallery. For the solution, we suggest uninstalling the cleaning apps. Cleaner apps remove all files from the vault. For that reason, the app is not working properly. Apart from that, it is a very interesting application that never hurts have installed because sometimes you get home at night and go to sleep so quiet.

Final thought,

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos, App Lock, Cloud backup is an essential tool for those who value their privacy above all else. The jealous couples are going to have a hard enemy in this application, which will protect the best secrets of any user. Download the app and don’t forget to share.

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