Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps free download

By | July 15, 2018

Are you looking for perfect and real ad-free app locker? You are in the right place. Here, we present an amazing app locker apps which name is Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps. It is free. Download it from here. Its secret door, privacy vault, and face unlock features make it incredible. The app design and developed by Alibaba group.

Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock Download

Using Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock to protect applications or sensitive files is a very good option to consider if you want to increase the level of security of our Android because unfortunately this kind of thing you cannot do as standard.

official logo Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide appsPrivacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps

Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps free download
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How to use it?

To use it, open the application once you have downloaded it. Configure the application in case it is the first time you use it. In this step, you will only be asked to establish a pattern that you will use later to unlock either the same application or any application.

It is very important that you do not forget this pattern. Nor do we recommend that you put a very simple (typical of the “Z” or “U”). Because in case of theft will be very predictable. I do have a very easy pattern but by way of example.

Block an application

The simplest thing of all is to block an application. This way every time you are going to open or try to uninstall one of the applications. A screen will open asking us for permission. Here you will have to enter the pattern/ fingerprint/password. For this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • You look for the app that wants to block within the list of the initial screen. If it is a system application (Play Store), it is most likely in Advanced. Otherwise, it will be in General.
  • To the right of the name, there is an icon of a padlock. If the padlock is open and in gray, it means that the application is unlocked, while if it is closed and in a green tone, it will be locked. Both to block and to unblock you only have to click on this icon.

Block files with AppLock

Locking files is another function of this simple application. You can block both image files and video files, nothing more. The truth is that I miss being able to block any file such as PDF or HTML. The process of blocking files is very similar to that of applications:

  • Under the top menu, there are four icons: select Vault of photos. In case you want to block an image, Vault of videos in case you want to block a video.
  • Once enter any of the two vaults, you will get a screen with a blank list.
    Click on the “+” icon to add a file.
  • You will leave all the folders that you have in our phone and choose one.
  • Inside that folder, choose the images/videos that you want to protect.

In the case of files, it is not the same as in the case of applications. The files disappear and you can only access them from the corresponding vault inside the application. It’s like a small price that has to suffer so that the images or videos are inaccessible.


Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock is an application with which you can block the use or uninstallation of all those applications that you want. You can protect them both by PIN and by password. In addition to these methods, you can also use fingerprint unlocking on mobile phones that have the appropriate sensor.

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