MaxLock – Xposed app locker download for android

By | July 22, 2018

If you like to have all the security you want on your Android and the first thing for you is to have a lock screen that is difficult to access, MaxLock – Xposed app locker? It is an app that you will love. It is the only locker application that cannot drain your battery. Also, it includes many resources that offer more than a secure lock screen. Near about 50 thousand people use the app on their phone. In this article, we review the Maxlock app locker. Let’s start.

Download Maxlock- Xposed applocker

At first, download the app from here. It also found in google play store. The app is a free and very small size (1.65mb). After installing the app in your smartphone, open the application.

official logo of maxlockMaxLock – Xposed app locker

MaxLock – Xposed app locker download for android
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It shows an orange screen written with Welcome to Maxlock! I love the color and lock design. On the screen, it will show 4 conditions.

1. Package installer;

2. Settings;

3. Xposed installer and

4. Protect app from being uninstalled.

Tick all options to use the lock app perfectly.

Maxlock implementation

In the implement section, you will see default- need xposed and No root xposed option. Select no root xposed section. Then press ok. It consumes your battery and system memory (RAM).

Locking type

Maxloxk- xposed app locker offer only 4 types of lock systems. Password, pin, knock code and patter. I suggest you use pattern. It also supports fingerprint lock. If your device has the fingerprint scanner, it is better to use the fingerprint. Beside this, fingerprint icon can be hidden. Its quick-lock feature is very good.

The uncommon part of the application is the knock code locking system. You can make touches visible and show divider. In the pattern lock, it shows the path.

Lock screen UI

In the lock screen UI, you can change the background image. Change the color. But I am using orange. Hide status bar gives the full-screen option. Also, you can invert the color of UI elements. It gives you an opportunity to hide the title bar. It’s amazing.

How to lock apps

In the app lock system, you manually lock your desired application. Open APPS, and it will show all of your application. Just pressing on ON/OFF button, you can lock any application you want. After locking your desired app, you should back up the list. In the right corner of the apps section, you will find the option.

The most amazing feature of the application is hidden app from the menu. Use dark style theme and hide your desired app to keep safe from other users. Use fake crash feature from locking option menu for make your file safer.

It also stops an app from being uninstalled. Activate the admin to enable the feature. To disable select uninstall app option. You can uninstall app either from here or deactivated admin from the: ”Setting> Security> Device administrators”.

What’s bad?

Maxlock app is unable to lock facebook messenger chat heads. It exists when user back to the previous screen. Beside this, it cannot lock the setting app above os 6.0. It supports Android 4.4 and above. In the oreo 8.0 operating system, the app is not working properly. The solution is, not use the exposed mode. I hope, in next update, maxlock developers fix this bugs.

Final thought,

Maxlock – Xposed app locker is a useful application for lock files. You can enable pro features even if you haven’t pay for it. The security apps designed by Maxr1998. According to google play store, the app gain1500+ reviews and 4.4 ratings with is very good. Download the maxloxk application from the provided link and share it with others through social media.

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