Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty download for android

By | July 28, 2018

Security and privacy should always go hand in hand. Even more in this world that moves around social networks. Here many personal videos are published. The only detail of accessing the network makes us vulnerable to being victims of any cheating or theft. In this article, we are going to discuss Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty.

Download Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty APK

Download Lock & Hide Videos in Vault apps from here. Install it on your android device. Remember that, your phone operating system must be 2.3 or higher and ram 256mb or higher. The size of the app is 4.3mb. After installing it, open the application and set the password. Now, go to the main app screen. You will see 2 tabs. First one show albums and the second one show your hidden videos. Select which videos you want to hide. It is very easy to use.

logo official Lock & Hide Videos in VaultyLock & Hide Videos in Vaulty APK

Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty download for android
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This simple application will give us the possibility to hide videos in just a few steps and thus protect this valuable information for all of us. It includes a new function which allows us with just a single click, browses the hidden videos of the phone in the desktop browser directly. It allows us to customize the visible folders when we want to show different videos to different people. For your kind information here is Hot Video Locker apk app download for Android.

How to unhide the video?

In the previous section, you learn how to hide. In this section, know how to unhide the hidden videos. Open the apps and go to the hidden video tab. Now, select the video and click on the unhide button. After that, you will see your desired video files in the gallery.

If you want to change the password, go to the left menu and click Change password and enter the new password. There is a recovery option if you forget your password. Set up an email during installation. If you forget password or pattern, you can set new password or pattern with email recovery.

When using our Android devices, we have an even greater risk since the connection used is wireless and due to this. There is an even higher risk due to the configuration of this network to be open and visible by all users. A good method of protection is to use Android applications that allow us to hide your videos and thus prevent unauthorized persons from accessing this content.

The application support multi-languages. It will show your hidden videos full screen. So that, you needn’t unhide the video to play. Easily restore videos and albums. There is no extra storage limitation to hide videos. Thanks for supporting Locker Bytes.

Additional information

Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty is developed by VDG soft and they update the app on 25th February in this year. The running version is 4.3.6. You can get support through sending your problems at vdgsoft@gmail.com. Sometimes, you will see recent videos in MX player and VLC player which are hidden. As a result, you can access it without the password from the player. Hopefully, developers will take into account this problem and fix the bug in next update.


Lock & Hide Videos in Vaulty has lots of features, which are nice. I rated the app 4.3 out of 5. Because the app show stop working signal a few times in my oneplus 3t. After all, it is a fantastic video locker app. Download the application and don’t forget to share.

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