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By | August 12, 2018

Are you searching for easiest and highest rated photo and video locker app? You are in the right place. Here we present Hide Something – Photo, Video app for hiding photos and videos. You can browse photos and videos with one click from the desktop browser. If you are very conscious about privacy, it is such a perfect app to hide files. Let’s know how it works.

How the Hide Something – Photo, Video app works?

The app allows us to manage privacy in our Android at several levels. The main function is found in its name: block access to the files that we have installed. It asks for a PIN or a password when you enter or block it with a system. Maybe that simulates a Force Close error.

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At first, download Hide Something – Photo, Video apk from here. Install it your device and open it. In the main screen, it will ask you to put fingerprint, pin or pattern. After setup with fingerprint, pin, and pattern the app is now ready to hide files. If your device has the fingerprint sensor, we suggest you use the fingerprint. Fingerprint security is much harder than the pin or pattern.

Why do you choose to Hide something app?

Sharing easily

The app allows you to hide files directly from the gallery by sharing. You can back up your hidden files in google drive. Its advanced image viewing feature gives your original resolution. With hiding something feature you can see who tried to unlock with the wrong password. You also customize different album for different viewers.

Only for photos and videos

With the app, you do not need to be a root user on your smartphone to hide the files you have installed. Although it is true that the app does not allow you to hide application that you have installed on your smartphone. It only hides photos and videos.

Very fast launch

This app works curiously because, while it is inactive, it goes unnoticed in the hidden file drawer under the appearance of a normal and current calculator. Just open it and write the correct PIN code shows the hidden files. So, you can run them from here.

Lock folder

If you have a file explorer and want to hide several files, you can create a folder. The name starts with a period. Either way, it is the best application that will help you to execute files without having to group them in a folder.

Recovery option

If you forget your password or pattern, it can be recovered by registered email. Setup a valid email during installation. Click on forget my password and write your registered email. The app will send a verification email to reset the password. In this way, you can easily recover the app and files.

Additional information

Hide Something – Photo, Video application design and developed by COLIFER LAB. The size of the application is 5.3mb. You can easily run it in android operating system 4.1 or above. It is one of the most downloaded photos and video locker application in google play store. Above all, 5,000,000+ users download and install it. The premium version of the app is 1.5 to 2 dollars. Here you will not get any ads and pop-up windows.

After the update, we face fingerprint problem in few devices. And the app cannot hide files from SD card. Hopefully, in the next update, the bugs will be fixed.


We have private information that we do not always want them to see. Yes, we can block it in a thousand ways. So that, nobody can access our files. After all, it is inevitable that at some point we will lend our Android to other people for a while. Think of our friends, children, couple, etc. Download Hide Something – Photo, Video apk and stay safe.

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