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By | August 8, 2018

If you’re looking for a simple application with basic password protection for photos and videos, check out Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty. Simply type in the PIN and import photos to the albums in the application. When the application starts, a fully functional calculator appears. All you have to do is enter the 4-digit PIN and the equal sign to access the app. In this article, we tell you what is in the app.

Hide Pictures & Videos Vault – How To Free Download?

The Vault app is very easy to use. At first, download Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty from here. The size of the app varies with device configuration. Open the app to hide your photos. In the top section, press the lock icon. Select an album. Now, choose the photos you want to lock or hide.

hide pictures videosHide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty APK

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty download for android
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To hide videos, the process is the same as photo hide. From the vault, you can share photos and videos. Just press share option and choose the vault farm the app list. It’s done.

What’s good?

It has an online backup service. You can recover files if your phone has been stolen or lost. There have different vaults to save different files. So that, you can show different files to different persons with top security.

The application includes some very curious features such as taking a picture with the front camera when someone misplaces the PIN or the security pattern that we have configured and can synchronize our private files in any of the cloud services that we have configured.

In addition to blocking applications, we can also create photo galleries and private videos that are only visible through it. Unlike other applications, it allows us to create different folders and albums inside to have all the content well organized. Although the idea is good, we can see the content equally if we access it through a file explorer.

The app can play photo slides and videos with rotation. You needn’t unhide the files. After, exit the files will hide with the app automatically. In the previous version, there was a bug with file missing error. In the new version, the problem is fixed.

What’s bad?

The app can be unable to hide videos on many devices. Some are lost their important video files and didn’t recover. If you add the file to vault disappear, you don’t find it anywhere. Without these problems, the app is working great. Hopefully, the problems will fix in the next update. Pop ads come after few seconds which is very disgusting.

If your app isn’t working fine, uninstall the application. Reinstall it and run again. Though the app size is varied to devise configuration, it is difficult to guess the size. It may not make problems.

Additional information

Hide pictures & videos vault designed and developed by Squid Tooth LLC. The app last updated on 28th June this year. 355,130 users are using this application and rated 4.6 out of 5. In-app purchase you will get no ads, unlimited storage for backup and premium services.


In addition to the password protected galleries, Hide Pictures & Videos – Vault allows you to hide your photos, sort and filter the files. And create several vaults with different passwords. It hides not only photos but also videos. Download the apps and stay protected.

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