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By | July 25, 2018

Have you ever heard of Finger Security lock application? If you are looking for a way to keep some smartphone contents away from prying eyes or the smallest ones – like text messages, photo albums, specific applications, videos and so on. Then I suggest you download the app from here. It will keep you literally speechless.

How to setup Finger security app

First, it is free and does not contain any advertisements in the application. Second is compatible with virtually all Tablet and Smartphone devices. The third has a very pleasant interface. Finally, it is incredibly useful.

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The app allows you to set a password or an unlocking sequence for any application in the system by making it run only to those who know the unlock code. Very easy to use, it offers a very pleasant, clear and intuitive interface. Compatible with virtually all new distributions and Android devices. It is available in the Android Market for free.

In the various menus available to the user there is the possibility to block the system settings of the device or even partially. For example, you can block access to Wi-Fi, mobile data or Bluetooth. So, you can prevent navigation and connectivity.

How it works

If this is not enough, you can also lock with a password with a fingerprint. Some functions and applications such as the Play Store, e-mail, camera, calls (incoming or outgoing) installation/uninstallation of applications, etc. Whatever you think may harm the safety of someone using a smartphone. For example, a child or your privacy.

As for the multimedia sector, finger security allows us to block entire video/photo albums, set a password to text messages and even set a time or place where the smartphone must block previously set contents. Well-equipped also in appearance, it is customizable with themes, wallpapers, and beautiful motifs. So that, each content has its password and its theme. It may depend on what you are hiding.

If you were wondering, well finger security cannot be uninstalled very simply from the application menu (for the smartest), nor can you see the icon in the app drawer because a setting allows you to hide it. It cannot even be stopped or closed directly by the Task Killer. So, to remain always active and functioning.

Definitely, for the most demanding, do not despair if you do not have a particularly high-performance smartphone. Because this app – well optimized. It will not require a large amount of RAM or battery. What are you waiting for to install it, it’s free!


Finger security is not just an app that blocks access to some content but will completely revolutionize the security of your Android device by blocking entire areas of your smartphone. This application is designed to make our device completely harmless if it falls. For example, in the hands of a child or the hands of a prankster friend or – more simply. Everyone wants to be sure that your privacy is always the first option.

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