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By | July 24, 2018

AppLock Fingerprint Unlock is a complete, intuitive and simple to use the app with which you will be able to block all the apps that you have on your mobile and avoid. So, that no one takes information from them or can use them in case, you lose the mobile.

With it, we can block both the apps that we have downloaded over the Internet, as well as the apps that already came in the system. In this way, for example, we can block contacts and, if we lose the phone, no one can access them.

AppLocke Fingerprint Unlock APK download

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How to use Applock Fingerprint Unlock app

It uses a fingerprint to unlock them, which you must insert when you have installed the app. In this way, you will always have to use this password when you want to access the apps that you have blocked. Unlocking apps is also very simple, so you can block and unlock them as much as you want.

At first, you have to install the application in your device. It is a very small size about 1.5mb. You can use mobile data. After downloading, run the app. The app control by CM lock. In the first screen, it will show you some apps installed in your device. Choose minimum an app to enter. Otherwise, it will not go next.

Now, it is time to set the password. Draw pattern forgoes next. In the app with usage, access select CM app lock and turn on permit user access. Then press the back button. The main menu is now open in front of your screen.

What’s good?

Applock fingerprint unlock is simple to use, have a good design. Use fingerprint to unlock files and applications. You can block all the apps you want. It has many customization options. No ad while your device connected to the internet. No ads and free. You can restrict Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with this app. You can lock all apps if you want.

All apps lock by one pattern or fingerprint. The app locked your files when your device screen will turn off. Also, it can be set in immediately after logout and after 3 minutes. Choose which you want.

The notable feature of the Applock Fingerprint Unlock is it will take photo who try to enter your phone with the wrong password. Within a few minutes, the app sends an email to the registered owner. The snapped photo will save with date and time. So, it is easy to caught thieves.

What’s bad?

The app support android 4.0 or above. So that, you cannot use the application on the lower device.  Use the same pattern and fingerprint on each app and files. Unable to lock setting menu. If you lock your gallery, it’s still possible to look and even click on the images because of this very slight delay. Anyone can uninstall the application from setting. Hopefully, CM will fix the bugs in their next update.


Applock – Fingerprint Unlock is a great app to lock file and application. It is very simple to use. Download the security application from here and don’t forget to share.

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