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By | July 17, 2018

Have you ever used applications like AppLock Fingerprint & Pin to protect your smartphone? There is a way to protect the information contained in the applications on the smartphone. It’s called App Lock. The application developed by KewlApps. We all have that nosy friend who every time he/she can put his/her claws on our smartphone must necessarily intrude on our issues. Here, the photographs, text messages, messages on WhatsApp, social networks and so on. Download the application to make your important files safe and sound.
And this gorgeous application developed by the KewlApps.

AppLock Fingerprint Password Download APK, Install and configure

Simply install this application, and in a few seconds, we will be able to set a numeric password, a secret code that we will know only us. The size of the app is 4.8mb. It is easy to download. That will give access to all sensitive data in the smartphone. When someone tries to open one of the applications locked with AppLock, will see a screen with a numeric keypad. It will ask for the unlock password to proceed. Otherwise, access will be denied.

AppLock-Fingerprint APK logo+downloadAppLock Fingerprint Password Download APK

AppLock Fingerprint & Pin/Password APK Download
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Lock apps: Add password feature to applications you already have installed on your device.

Wi-Fi security: allows you to review the wireless network that you are connected to. It’s cool that shows how many devices are connected to the same network as you.

SD card scanning: scans the memory card of the device for content considered as threats.

Call blocking: Allows the user to block phone numbers.

Private Browsing: opens a built-in CM Security browser, allowing users to browse without leaving a trace

Download security: Check downloads made recently in the device.

Notification manager: option for you to block, enable, or disable notifications for all applications on your phone.

Cloud Space: This is a connection to an external application called Cloud Space. Is a program to store files in the cloud

Find phone: anti-theft feature for you to remotely control, online, your lost phone

Clean trash: scan function and identify unnecessary files on the device

Optimize device: function to clear Android memory

Install and configure

First of all, you need to take this application of course: open the Play Store and look for app lock. Do not be frightened if you cannot find the application in the first place. It will be presented under the name “Lock.” Download and install the application, and you will be ready to configure it.

At first glance, you will feel that you are dealing with a familiar application. Thanks to the aesthetic very similar to that of Google Play. It has a ‘ button organization (colored) at the top of the screen, just like the application market Android.

How does it work?

The first thing that AppLock Fingerprint & Pin will ask you to do is to set your numeric password: you will have the keyboard above. Simply type in a secret code that will be easy to remember. But that will not be so easy to intercept by the malicious. Enter it again for confirmation. At this point, choose which smartphone functions you want to set the block. You can block the application related to e-mails, SMS, image gallery, calendar, all the social network apps, the address book, the key to make phone calls, and so on.

In addition to problematic friends intrusive, the use of a lock app can be very useful in case you have a small child who often asks you to play with your smartphone. In this case protect it from potential access to videos unsuitable for its age, preventing him from calling with your mobile phone, or sending an e-mail to your boss could prove particularly useful.

But App Lock not only blocks access to individual applications but also important functions. After setting it is possible to block the display of the incoming call. It will allow you to see who is calling only by entering the relevant unlock code. It still prevents the uninstallation of applications or the installation of new ones.

What’s good?

The app show lock notification. If you install a new application, app lock will automatically ask you permission to lock the new app. It captures the picture of the intruder picture while trying to unlock with the wrong pin. You can also hide pattern and support android Oreo 8.0 version.

What’s bad?

The app shows advertisements when the device connected to the internet. Sometimes, the app stops working. It is also unable to lock setting menu. So that, anyone can uninstall the app and store important files. If you use the fingerprint to unlock apps, applock cannot access a few times. I hope, Kewlapps fix the bugs in the next update.

Final thought,

In short, thanks to AppLock Fingerprint & Pin. It will be easy to give the right protection to your privacy finally. I give it five stars and it’s a great fastest app. Even being able to set specific profiles to determine what and when to block. Download the application and secure your necessary files.

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