App Lock Fingerprint Password free download for android

By | July 23, 2018

App Lock fingerprint password is a smart application that allows you to safeguard all the applications and files. It supports all devices. You can access it by using the fingerprint and pin. This application design and developed by the keepsafe group.

The best part of the app is that you can lock your files so nobody can suspect its presence on your phone. It is a very interesting tool with which users will be able to add the level of security to their devices.

How App Lock Fingerprint Password works

You associate on the device an unlocking scheme for the most important applications or those that you do not want someone (including yourself) to delete. Once this is done, when someone tries to delete one of the applications, it will be stopped by a lock screen.

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App Lock Fingerprint Password free download for android
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Once the app is started, just set a 4-digit master password that will be used to open AppLock and to lock other functions. In the main screen of the program, we will see the list of applications installed on the device. With a tap on the button with the padlock on the right of the program name, the program in question will be locked by the master password.

When you try to launch blocked apps, you will be asked for the password. Only then will you display the application screen. The locker application has the advance option. It helps you to make more secure your data.


The functions of AppLock fingerprint password does not stop here. In fact, if in the main screen of the program we touch the button on the top left or touch the physical button OPTIONS of our device, we will display a much-promoted menu.

It has three different functions:

  • AppLock is the main screen of the program, to block the installed apps.
  • PhotoVault blocks certain images or image folders.
  • Video vault does the same thing as PhotoVault but on video files

Themes allow you to download new lock / unlock themes for the application. Cover instead creates a space of coverage when launching blocked applications. Instead of immediately showing the password entry screen you can insert a fake fingerprint reader.

Profiles instead allow you to create user profiles each with their settings and limitations. Time Lock limits access to some functions in certain time slots. Location Lock limits functions depending on the wireless network you are connected to or where you are.

Switch Lock blocks the activation of Wireless, Bluetooth, 3G or another toggle. Random Keyboard shuffles the numbers on the unlock keyboard to prevent storing finger positions and then tracing the password. It makes every trace of the application disappear. Start it using a string to insert in the Web Browser or through a number series to insert in the screen to dial the number to call.

Final thought,

App Lock Fingerprint Password is genuinely a fantastic security application. It works merely without unnecessary features. Download this app and secure your files of the smartphone.

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